Vetir – GTA 5 Vehicle

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a popular action video game, which scores a different place in the 90s generation. In 2013, when GTA was initially released, there was fame computers and mobile devices were not as popular as today.

Kids used to play the GTA series and get amused by its unique graphical features. Trucks or lorries are of great concern in this game because it helps in maneuverability and heavy load transport.

There are many trucks featured in this game, all with different visuals and characteristics. Some carry tons of mass while others are not so powerful, so it interests players in choosing the best truck.

In this article, I’ll reveal my favorite vehicle, which is Vetir GTA 5! There is a lot more to discuss this heavy-duty vehicle which will make your game performance better. So, let’s begin!


Vetir GTA 5 – Overview

Vetir is a big truck manufactured by HVY industries in the GTA series. This corporation is specialized in industrial-level vehicles and launch trucks that are well-built and best performing. The Vetir is a military truck, which means that it is produced for its armed forces.

Vetir GTA 5 Vehicle Info

Vehicle ClassMilitary
Available FromWarstock Cache & Carry
GTA Online Price$1,630,000
Discounted Price$1,222,500 (Trade Price)*
Storage LocationPegasus Vehicle
ModificationsCannot Be Modified
Pegasus CategoryMilitary
SellCannot Be Sold
Top Speed (Game Files)62.14 mph (100.00 km/h)
Top Speed In-Game (Broughy)62.00 mph (99.78 km/h)
Based on (Real Life)Saviem SM8/Renault TRM-4000
SeatsMass / WeightDrive TrainGears
105,680 KGRWD5

How To Get The Vetir In GTA Online?

You can get Vetir online via two ways: Vetir launched in Cay Perico Heist in GTA 5. When a player leads the heist or completes it, he can unlock this industrial-strength truck at a trade price of approximately $1,222,500. However, Vetir is also available on the Warstock Cache and Carry website at the following cost: $1,630,000.

Vetir In Real Life

The profile of Vetir in GTA 5 is similar to the real-life Renault TRM – 4000, which was initially known as Saviem SM8. The French manufactured this military truck in the late 1960s. Later on, many different versions of this truck developed, for example, two-door cab, cargo carrier, etc. History stated that TRM – 4000 became the standard vehicle of the French army in its class.

Vetir Top Speed

When we talked about a vehicle’s speed, it seemed pretty unrealistic to many, as they asked: Is the vehicle speed shown in video games correct relative to its surroundings? The answer is “YES!”. Games display the actual vehicle speed, and GTA 5 is no exception. The Vetir in GTA 5 boasts a top speed of 62 mph, equal to 99.7 Km/h. It has been precisely tested and verified in-game.

Can You Sell The Vetir In GTA Online?

Vetir is not an ordinary vehicle but a military truck that possesses heavy labor. Unluckily, in GTA 5, a player cannot sell the unique vehicles, facility vehicles, or pegasus. Thus, you cannot sell the Vetir in GTA online.


What is the Vetir in real life?

In real life, Vetir is similar to Renault TRM – 4000, also called Saviem SM8. The Renault TRM – 4000 is a military truck that was manufactured by the French army. It features a heavy profile and can be used for cargo, like a cab, etc.

Is the Vetir good?

The Vetir is a solid, long-lasting, industrial-strength military truck that is built with heavy-duty materials. This vehicle is excellent because of its quality construction, strength, and high speed. It is based on the Renault TRM – 4000 real-life truck, which is itself a remarkable army vehicle.

Our Verdict

GTA 5 is a true obsession! Players hold interest and desperately put effort into improving their performance. A leader in Cay Perico Heist becomes able to buy the unique vehicles of this video game, and Vetir is one of those specialized military trucks. It is best-performing, speedy, can hold tons of luggage, offers excellent maneuverability, and more. In a few words, I can say that Vetir is a game changer!

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