GTA 5 Pfister 811 – (Ultimate Guide)

This Pfister 811 is one of the most expensive cars in GTA 5 and costs $1,135,000 to buy, but it makes your experience so much better! In this article, we’ll break down what makes these vehicles unique, as well as how they can enhance play for you.


The Pfister 811 in GTA Online

Pfister 811

The Pfister 811 is the most expensive car in GTA Online. It’s also a two-door supercar that debuted in GTA V on June 28th, 2016, a part of the Further Adventures in Money and Felony version.

The Pfister 811 is the fastest Super Car in GTA Online, recording a top speed of 132.50 mph (213 km/h). Porsche inspires the rear lights and fascia. At the same time, it takes after Koenig egg’s Regera with its aerodynamic styling cues at the front end that gives way for sleek shape when viewed from above or below, respectively- all done up to perfection. On this luxury sports car by default, but available upgrades can change everything!

The Pfister 811 is the fastest, most powerful car on every street. With its super-smooth handling and outstanding braking power, it leaves all other vehicles in its dust!

The car’s handling can be unpredictable, and the tires suffer from traction loss when cornering.


The Pfister 811 is a perfect car for GTA Online players who love to beat their friends and colleagues in impromptu races at long straights.

How to get 811 on GTA online

The 811 can be purchased in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport for a price of $1,135,000. Its sleek and sophisticated design makes it the perfect addition to any racing enthusiast’s collection!

The 811 is a customized sports car stored in your garage and modified at Los Santos Customs.

Pfister 811 in real life

The Pfister 811’s design is reminiscent of Koenigsegg, a real-life Porsche 918 Hypercar.

Pfister 811 top speed

The 811 in GTA V is a high-performance sports car that can reach 213 km/h (132 mph). It’s been accurately tested by Broughy1322.


PFISTER 811: Vehicle Info

Vehicle classSuper
Available fromLegendary Motorsport
GTA online price$1,135,000
Storage locationGarage (Personal Vehicle)
ModificationsLos Santos Customs
SellYou Can be sold only if purchased (High-End)
Sell Price-Resale$681,000
Top Seed (Game Files)98.98 mph (159.30 km/h)
Top Seed in-game (BROUGHY)132.50 mph (213.24 km/h)
Based on real lifePorsche 918 Hypercar, Koenigsegg Regera
SeatsMass / WeightDrive TrainGears
21,600 kgAWD6

Wrapping UP

 The Pfister 811 is one of the most expensive cars in GTA 5 and costs $1,135,000 to buy. It makes your experience so much better! IF you’re interested in learning more about some other high-end rides available in Grand Theft Auto V, then be sure to check out our list at the bottom of this blog post.



Pfister 811


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