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If you’ve ever been a little into gaming, then you must have heard the name of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) vice city because it is the world’s most popular video game. GTA was released in 2013 and has been modified within years and is now streaming its fifth version called GTA 5,

which has new updates, graphics, rules, etc. Vehicles stand at the most important position in this action-adventure game because they help players in winning the heist. Players must be familiar with “Manchez Scout,” a famous and most demanded off-road bike from the Cayo Perico heist.

This latest vehicle is available in the game for purchase, but the question is, what is this hype all about? In this article, I’ll give you a to-the-point review of Manchez Scout, determining if it is worth having or not. So, let’s not waste any time and begin the further discussion!

Manchez Scout

Manchez Scout Overview

Manchez Scout is an off-road military bike manufactured by Maibatsu Corporation, a Japanese multinational company that appeared in all GTA series with exceptional and advanced vehicles.

Manchez Scout is designed for armed forces and is an off-road vehicle, which can be used for Overlanding or adventure purposes. It is capable of moving on gravel surfaces because of its large and heavy-duty tires.

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How To Get The Manchez Scout In GTA Online?

You can purchase Manchez Scout from a website called “Warstock Cache and Carry,” which works on every gadget. The cost of this upright bike online is $225,000, and if you know about special vehicles in GTA 5, you must understand that Manchez is not the most expensive choice on the list. Once you buy this vehicle, you can take it to your home, office, garage, penthouse, or anywhere.

Manchez Scout In Real Life

The Manchez Scout is designed on the profile of KTM 500 EXC, an outstanding model from the four-stroke enduro series by the KTM corporation. The real-life KTM is a 500 cc off-road motorcycle that features solid and big tires with an efficient engine that allows the vehicle to achieve elongated displacements. In a few words, the Manchez Scout is a dreamy real-life bike!

Manchez Scout Top Speed

Maibatsu Manchez Scout is undoubtedly speedy as it has a 500 cc engine in it. This impressive motorcycle’s actual calculated top speed is 139.75 mph or 224.91 km/h, in GTA 5. This speed has been tested in series by Broughy1322.

Can You Sell The Manchez Scout In GTA Online?

In GTA, some vehicles you can’t sell after purchase while others can be sold, as per policy. Fortunately, you can sell Manchez Scout at the price of $135,000, which is around sixty percent of the original price. To sell this motorcycle, please visit the Los Santos Customs section.

Manchez Scout Vehicle Info

Vehicle ClassMotorcycle
Available FromWarstock Cache & Carry
GTA Online Price $225,000
Storage LocationGarage (Personal Vehicle), MC Clubhouse
ModificationsLos Santos Custom
SellCan Be Sold only If Purchased (High-End)
Sell Price – Resale$135,000
Top Speed (Game Files)80.78 mph (130.00 km/h)
Top Speed In-Game
139.75 mph (224.91 km/h)
SeatsMass / WeightDrive Train Gears


What does the Manchez Scout do?

Manchez Scout is the latest motorcycle available in GTA 5. It is an off-road military bike that features performance efficiency, convenience, and durability. The profile of this bike is impressive too. In conclusion, the Manchez Scout is one of the best heavy-duty armed force bikes produced by a trusted GTA corporation called Maibatsu.

What’s the difference between Manchez and Manchez Scout?

Both bikes share a common profile, like handlebars, exhaust systems, protective frames around the engine bay, etc. The Manchez scout is comparatively expensive, modern, in-demand, lightweight, and speedy. On the other hand, Manchez might not be popular but possess more incredible vehicle statistics than Scout.

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Our Verdict

GTA is not an activity, but a dreamy life for players to live and travel, in their favorite places and vehicles. The Manchez Scout is the latest and demanding bicycle in GTA 5, which is popular because of its modern profile, high speed, and flawless performance. This motorbike is more special because you can also resale it after purchase, at a reasonable rate.

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