Lamar Davis- GTA 5 Character (Complete Discussion)

Lamar GTA 5 is an up-and-coming rapper from Compton, California. He was born in 1994 and has been active since 2010. His first album came out in 2012 and he’s currently working on his second one. Lamar Davis is a major character in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online.

Lamar Davis is Franklin’s crazy friend, a proud member of The Families, and a fellow employee at Deluxe Premium Motorsport. When the player meets Lamar in GTA Online, he welcomes them to Los Santos and introduces them to his friend Gerald. He also frequently bugs Franklin about leaving behind a gang life.

Lamar Davis


Major Character, Companion
OCCUPATIONVehicle repossession; Drug dealing; Car theft
LOCATIONForum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos
FAMILYChop – Pet
AFFILIATIONfranklin clinton
VEHICLESpeedo and Emperor
GAME EDITIONGTA Online or GTA 5 Story Mode


Rockstar Games describes Lamar, one of the best characters in their game Grand Theft Auto V, as a “good kind of crazy” and someone who is also very funny. His best friend Franklin is opposite to him, with pride over his Apache descent being used for jokes throughout the story.

Lamar is lazy and lacks common sense. He gets himself into trouble by trusting people in the criminal world without getting to know them properly first, such as when he takes a job with Ballas after previously trying to kidnap one of their members for money but ends up ambushed instead.


In the mission “Hood Safari,” Lamar and Franklin go to Grove Street for a drug deal. If Trevor weren’t there, they would’ve been ripped off by some drywall instead of cocaine. In another instance in “Lamar Down,” he’s annoyed with Franklin because he feels like Frank abandoned him when moving up north (Vinewood Hills). Generally speaking, it seems that all his plans are unsuccessful as well both times end with them penniless or nearly dead.
Lamar appears to play the role of comedic relief as a sidekick, but he’s actually ruthless and violent. His character may seem trivialized—despite being in-game shootouts, Lamar never really harms anyone outside their game world.

The protagonist of the game, Lamar, is a loyal friend to Franklin. His loyalty extends even into death; in one ending with him, he helps his friends save their lives despite knowing it will probably result in his own demise. When hanging out with other characters during free roam activities, Lamar can mention that he doesn’t like Michael much and also seems close to his mother because she has “Mom” tattooed on her right side as well.


Final Thoughts

It’s been six years since the last Grand Theft Auto game came out, and Rockstar Games has finally released their latest installment of the popular franchise. If you’re not a fan, don’t worry- we’ve got your back with our Lamar GTA 5 blog post that tells you everything from what to know before playing to how long it will take for you to complete the game!


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