How To Register As A VIP In GTA 5 (Ultimate Guide)

Whether you are a millennial or Gen-Z, you must be familiar with the world of Grand Theft Auto. The version that is currently on top of the most loved games is GTA 5! From exhilarating missions to all the extra perks such as a wide selection of maps, and planes, to the benefits that accompany the higher status of VIP or CEO, GTA 5 deserves the reputation that it currently holds.


It is the dream of every GTA fanatic to get their hands on the title of VIP and CEO, as there are certain perks and benefits that you can have access to only as a VIP or CEO. I have devoted this article to all the tips and tricks that will help you get your hands on the title of VIP and CEO in GTA 5. Don’t Forget To Download Gta 5 For Pc Or Android.

How To Register As A VIP In GTA 5

Perks Of Being A VIP In GTA 5

Being a VIP in GTA is just as appealing as it sounds. It gives you access to VIP jobs along with many other perks. One of the biggest perks of being a VIP in GTA 5 is that the Freemode session gives you the ability to hire three other players to work for you as your bodyguards.

When you are in the shady streets of Los Santos, those bodyguards will protect you and get you through those streets safely. The list of jobs that you get access to as a VIP includes Sightseer, Hostile Takeover, Most Wanted, Piracy Prevention, Executive Deathmatch, and many others. Sightseer is the highest paying job that you can have access to only as a VIP.

How To Register As A VIP In GTA 5

How to become a VIP in GTA 5 is the real million-dollar question, the answer to which I am about to share. Becoming a VIP is not a difficult task: you just need a large amount of in-game cash, $50000 to be precise. You need the money to start a heist as a VIP. Once you have the money, what comes after is quite simple. Just go to the Interaction Menu in the game. To open the menu from PC, press ‘M’, for Xbox, press and hold the ‘View’ button and finally, for PlayStation, press and hold ‘Touchpad/Select’.


Select the SecuroServ option from the bottom, and from there, you can register yourself as a VIP and become a VIP in the game. If you have not bought an executive office, then you might see the VIP option in the Interaction Menu instead of the SecuroServ. Name your organization there, and once you go back to the Interaction Menu, you will see the ‘SecuroServ VIP’ button.

Select that option, and there you go. To hire bodyguards, you need to open the Interaction Menu and select the option of ‘Hire Bodyguard’. That is all it takes to open the doors of VIP for yourself in GTA 5, folks. However, VIP status only lasts for 4 hours, and after that, you need to wait for another 12 hours before you can register yourself as a VIP again.

Perks Of Being A CEO In GTA 5

Being a CEO is just as luxurious and fancy as it seems. You get access to all the CEO perks and benefits along with the already available VIP perks. As a CEO, players can hire players as their associates and bodyguards. Bodyguards will do the job of your safety and protection. Associates will do the job of buying and selling the cargo for the CEO. CEOs also have the ability to buy and sell warehouses and offices. While being a CEO, players can have access to 20 missions that are solely for CEOs. Playing the game as a CEO, you get to enjoy a whole new world of luxury!

How To Register As A CEO In GTA 5

Becoming a CEO requires a much larger amount of cash as compared to being a VIP. Players need to purchase an in-game executive office first. There are a total of four executive offices, each with its own price tag. You need at least 1 million dollars to purchase the cheapest CEO office that is Maze Bank West. Then comes Arcadius Business Center that costs $2,250,000: the third is Lombank West, for $3,100,000. Finally comes the most expensive executive office, Maze Bank tower that costs $4,000,000.


Once you have acquired the cash needed to purchase an executive office and bought office, you can hire assistants to do different jobs for you. You can also customize the office according to your liking, add furniture, a gun locker and a safe, etc. Once you have set your office, now comes the task of registering yourself as a CEO. First, open the Interaction Menu in your game. Next, go to the Securoserv option at the bottom, and from there, select the ‘register as a CEO’ option, and voila, you are now playing the game as a CEO.

Perks Of Being MC President In GTA 5

Just like VIP, and CEO, becoming a president of a motorcycle club in GTA 5 online also has its own perks. MC President is ideal for those people who play with larger crews. Being an MC President, you can hire other players to be your crew members and do tasks for you. In addition, it is the quickest method of making in-game money in GTA 5 online.

How To Become MC President In GTA 5

Becoming an MC in GTA 5 is much easier than a VIP or a CEO. To become an MC in GTA 5 online, you will first need to own a Motorcycle Clubhouse. That can be achieved by purchasing a Clubhouse. First, you will need to open the game, go to the internet option, and from there, select the Maze Bank Foreclosure option.

A map will appear on screen, on the right top of which will be a few options of a clubhouse, bunker, nightclub, facilities, and hangars. Select the clubhouse option, and you will see all the clubhouses marked on the map. Choose one and click on it and purchase the clubhouse. Once you have purchased a clubhouse, open the Interaction Menu, and select the option of ‘Motorcycle Club’ from the bottom. Then select the ‘Start a Motorcycle club’ option, and there you go, you are now the president of a Motorcycle Club.



How do I register as a CEO on GTA 5?

In order to register yourself as a CEO in GTA 5, you will need a large amount of in-game cash, 1 million dollars at least for the cheapest CEO office. Once you have earned and collected the money, purchase an executive office. After that, you can easily register yourself as a CEO from the Interaction Menu.


GTA is quite a famous and loved game, and it deserves to have that reputation. Playing the game as a normal player is fun; when you become a VIP or a CEO, then a whole new world of exciting tasks and jobs open up for you! I hope you found the tips helpful that I shared on becoming a VIP and CEO helpful.


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