GTA 5 RP: The best servers and how to join them

GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer mod of GTA V (PC version). It’s realistic world includes restaurants, hotels and features police, criminals. You can complete missions or just roam around this immersive world in the GTA universe – it may sound similar to Grand Theft Auto Online but know they are not alike!

The GTA 5 RP mod on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto is a very unique and interesting experience. The world looks like it belongs in another game, but at the same time you can see that it’s design was influenced by other games as well. I really enjoy playing this with my friends because we get to do things together rather than competing against each other for points or ranks. Sometimes just walking around town trying not to look suspicious while still blending into our environment makes me feel more involved! And if any cops come up behind us, then all hell breaks loose (in a good way).

Roleplay servers for GTA 5 have several dynamics, some of which may be dictated by the server itself. Some players access this multiplayer mod through FiveM and Discord’s websites while others use other modified game clients.

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How to join a GTA V RP server?

You can join a server in GTA V fairly easily, but getting into the whitelist ones is hard. These are typically small communities with strict rules and high-level RP that you need an invite for. Most of them will require some sort of application process on their website or forums first before accepting your request to play there.

One popular roleplay server is run by NoPixel they have been closed because most people want access to it after seeing all the positive feedback from other players who already joined this community so newcomers must be approved as donors first which could take up to one month depending on availability!

There are also a bunch of popular roleplay servers, like TwitchRP and Mafia World. They can be hard to get into because you have to prove yourself as an ‘okay’ RP player (staying in character) but once you do that, it’s pretty easy going up the ladder.

Best GTA RP servers to join

Although NoPixel is the biggest server around, many other servers are easy to access through FiveM and Rage. These include GTA World, Eclipse RP, and MafiaCity. You can find out how to join these here . Before jumping into action yourself , it’s advisable you watch some gameplay a little so that you know what roleplaying generally entails (e.g., norms & expectations). Check out dedicated Roleplay streams on Twitch for more info! More Details Here.

How to play GTA 5 RP

To join servers, follow the steps below:

  • Go to GTA 5 RP website Like Nonpixel, FiveM, or GTA world etc.
  • Click on “Login” and sign up with your social media profile or create a new account by filling in all required details like name etc .

This will take you to the server list page where you can choose from different options such as North America West Coast 1-10 , Europe East/West 2-20 , US Central 1 (Dallas) – 10(Chicago), High-rise Servers LA Office Lobby Server (Los Angeles).

Any one of these would be great for any beginner as it is easy access without much hassle involved when starting out! After choosing them click ‘join’ button that gives an option of either joining alone or teaming

The Popularity of FiveM, a Multiplayer GTA 5 RP Modification

The popularity of the FiveM mod has taken over, with more than 250k concurrent players during a weekend in April. The official GTA Online peaked at 124k when this happened; therefore, it had double that number!

As you can see from these statistics (provided by SteamDB), FiveM is clearly becoming very popular among gamers – even rivaling the original title’s client itself .

We can only assume what the RP community’s influence on Rockstar will look like in future releases.


Is GTA Roleplay free?

Yes, you can play GTA Roleplay for free on a server that doesn’t require donations to enter. There is a catch though; some servers do require players to make contributions in order to join and depending how far the player wants their character progressed it may cost more than just playing on one of these servers.

What is Fail RP in GTA RP?

Fail RP is a term used to describe players (often newbies) breaking the immersion of roleplaying by performing actions that do not make sense. This includes things like driving very recklessly for no reason, punching random people on the street if our character has no real reason to do so or using information about which they would have had no way of knowing in order to gain benefits from it.

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