GTA 5 Michael De Santa (Complete Guide)

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released in September 2013 and is available for PlayStation3 and 4, XBOX, and PC. GTA 5 is now available for Android devices as well. You have to download complete APK files to support this game on an Android smartphone. Rockstars games have developed this game for its users that has open missions and storytelling. Users have to complete the task to move to the other.

There are three protagonists in the games. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Michael is a character that is a middle-aged man with 6.2’ height and has a successful criminal career. In this review, you will get all the information about Michael regarding his career, history, family, friends, and committed crimes.

Michael De Santa

GTA 5 Michael De Santa

GTA is one of the most played games developed by Rockstar games. They have updated many versions for their players. GTA was first developed for PlayStation 2, but later on, it was available on XBOX and PC. You can get GTA 5 for Android devices by downloading complete APK files and can get the ultimate gaming experience.

About The Character

There are three playable characters in GTA 5. Michael De Santa is one of these characters. He is 55 years old and lives in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. He was born in 1965 and had an American Nationality. Furthermore, he is also known as Michael Townley, Mr. Mike, and Mikey. He is a tall man with grey hair.

He lives with his family in Los Santos, which includes a wife, Amanda De Santa, daughter Tracey De Santa, son Jimmy De Santa and a younger brother Trevor Philips. He owns many vehicles like Black Obey Tailgater, Red Premier, White Marquis, Scorcher, and Tractor. He is an assistant producer at Richard’s Majestic.

Physical Appearance

In GTA 5 for Android, Michael is a character of 6’2 height and has blue eyes with a Lexington hairstyle. He has a cleft chin and a short stubble beard. Michael has a muscular body with a thick physique. He looks somewhat obese, and this happened because of his time in prison. He is not so active as he has retired from criminal activity. People use to make fun of his obese body. He has a slower pace and is older than other characters.

Michael is mainly dressed in casual attire with a two-piece gray suit. He also wears beach shorts with polo shirts. In GTA 1 and 2, Michael was seen in beta appearance. He looked older with green eyes. But in GTA 5 Android version, the character of Michael has changed a bit with his look and hairstyle, so he doesn’t look too old to perform activities in the game.

Background Of Michael

Michael’s childhood was not like normal children as he lived with an alcoholic father and a mother. Michael did not enjoy the facilities which his children do. Michael has faced tough times in his childhood and was deprived of the necessities of life. Michael’s father abandoned him due to his alcoholic activities, and later on, her mother also left him. He was told so many stories about his father. Michael was good at football.

In his High school, he performed so well in sports, his picture got published due to his performance, but childhood has its effects on children. Michael’s personality also got affected by his deprived childhood, and as a result, he developed aggressive behavior. Due to his aggressive behavior and constant injuries, he was forced to quit the sport.

When Michael was a young adult, he entered the world of crime. He used to commit low-level offenses, and by the age of twenty, he was imprisoned twice. In prison, Michael learned to use a tattoo gun by tattooing the name of his fellow prisoners. When we came out of the prison, he got indulged in theft. His first robbery was in the outskirts of Cancer City in 1988, where he robbed $10,000 from a business party.

Over time, Michael’s skill and performance got polished, and he became the heists leader and a great marksman. He met with an efficient planner Lester Crest who assisted Michael in many crimes later on. Michael met Trevor Philips in 1993 when Trevor was busy escorting cargo across the border. There were two men, but Trevor was told about only one man. The two men were Michael and an old civilian.

Michael hijacked the old civilian car. The senior civilian wanted to bring this matter to Trevor’s notice, but Trevor killed an older adult. Michael and Trevor threw his body in the lake, and they both realized how well they did this job. After that, Michael included Trevor in his gang as a partner. Michael and Trevor both had a successful criminal profession together, but the run from law and Trevor’s temperament issues led both of them to leave town after completing their work from the city.

In the meanwhile, Michael met Amanda, who worked at a club. They both fell in love and got married. Michael had two children from Amanda. After becoming a father, Michael used to question his lifestyle. On the other hand, Trevor met with Brad Snider and was introduced to Michael. Michael and Brad never liked each other. Brad wanted to kill Michael and work directly with Trevor, but Trevor did not agree to this proposal because of his loyalty to Michael. For a few years, Michael, Trevor, and Brad worked as a trio and attempted many robberies in the Midwest.

In 2004, Michael met with FIB agent Dave Norton and agreed with him. Michael told Norton that he wanted to start a new life with a new identity free from criminal activity. Norton arranged the place for Michael and his family in Los Santos. Michael informed Norton about his upcoming Robbery with Brad and Trevor. It was decided that Michael will fake his death in this robbery. At the time of the theft, police officers attacked the robbers. Brad was killed, and Norton arrested Trevor. Michaell was declared dead by Norton. Michael started his new life with his family and moved to the Rockford Hills with a new surname as “De Santa ”.


Michael has a confused personality. As personality starts to build in childhood, Michael’s childhood was troublesome, and because of that, he is a victim of a confused character. His personality resonates between good and evil. He is a soft-hearted person deep down, but he has an evil personality for the outside world. He is obsessed with materialistic life and images. That is why he wanted to settle in Vinewood Dream with his family.

Deep down, Michael hates himself because of the decision he made that affected his family and friends. Michael is a short-tempered person and does not think before acting. He is a selfish and self-centered character who only thinks about himself and cares about what he is pulled into. Apart from that, Michael is a hypocrite. He criticizes the habits and mistakes of others but never realizes his wrongdoings. Michael is suffering from Borderline-Sociopathic Personality disorder.

Relationships Of Michael

With Family

Michael had a good relationship with his family before he moved to Los Santos. After moving to Los Santos, Michael was depressed and anxious. Michael always wanted to have a life in Vinewood Dream with his family, but he was never successful in getting a home. Michael left his criminal career, which made him neglect his family. He used to argue most of the time, and this behavior increased the distance between him and his family.

With Wife

Amanda De Santa and Michael had a great relationship before marriage. They both were madly in love with each other. Michael established a business for her wife, and they got married after some time. They had three children. But after Michael left his criminal life. He became depressed, arrogant, and self-centered. Amanda was not happy with Michael because of his abusive behavior.

Later, Michael also cheated on Amanda, which made the relationship even worse. Amanda left with the kids, and Michael had a major depressive episode after she left. By the end of GTA 5, Amanda moved back with the kids in Michael’s life. They both started to work on their relationship.

With Tracey

Michael was primarily busy with drug dealers and his social life, so he and Tracey never developed a father-daughter bond. He does love Tracey, but their relationship was weak. By the end of the story, Michael and Tracey started working on their relationship. Michael used to give her more time and care.

With Jimmy

Michael and Jimmy’s relationship was also not that perfect as Michael was not expressive, so he never showed Jimmy that he loves and cares for him. Because of not having his father’s much attention, Jimmy becomes a drug addict and has no respect for his father. However, at the end of the mission, Michael and Jimmy’s relationship improves as they both try to give a chance to their relationship.

With Trevor

Michael’s relationship with Trevor was great at the start. They both had a very successful criminal life. They both worked together for so many illegal activities as a partner. Michael added Trevor to his gang, but when Michael realizes that he wants to get away with his criminal life, he agrees with FBI agent Norton. As a result, Norton arrested Trevor.

Special Skills And Weapons

Michael is good at shooting. Although he is in his 40s, he is still an efficient shooter. Michael is a leader with higher intelligence. He knows how to lead his team members with an effective strategy. He can manipulate the situation and take advantage of it. His unique ability is known as Area kill, which lasts for 30 seconds.

When he achieves his particular skill, he gets bullet-like speed. Michael, in GTA 5 for Android version, owns many weapons. As he is a master of shooting, he has a Pistol, Combat Pistol, Stun Gun, Carbine Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Sniper, Grenades, Sticky Bombs, and Combat MG.

Crimes Committed By Michael

Michael is a murderer, and he has murdered so many characters, including Jay Norris, Pete’s assistant, Gianni, Tahir Jawan, Rocco Pelosi, and Devin Weston. Michael murdered strangers like Abigail Mathers. Michael was a robber and robbed so many banks in North Yankton. He threatened so many characters for his means and also destroyed a house in Vinewood Dreams. He was involved in the kidnapping of Mr. K and also in the killing of Ballas and many triads.


How old is Michael in GTA 5?

Michael was born on 2 December 1965. His age in GTA 5 (2013) was 48, and in the latest version (2021), his age is 56. He is a middle-aged character with gray hair and blue eyes. He has a muscular physique, and his height is 6’2. At the age of 56, he is an efficient team leader and excellent at shooting.

Who is the tallest of the following protagonists in GTA 5?

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin were the major protagonists in GTA 5. Michael is the tallest of all, with a height of 6.2′. Trevor’s height is 6.1, whereas Franklin’s is 6.0’ tall. With the muscular build, Michael is known for his height and strength in GTA 5.

What car does Michael drive in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, Michael owns so many cars. He has a Black Obey Tailgater, White Marquis, Red Declasse Premier, and Blue snow-covered Asea. Users can also choose from different options. He also has other rides like tractors, bicycles, etc. Michael is known in GTA 5 for Obey Tailgater.


GTA 5 is an action-adventure game by Rockstar games. It has different missions. Players have to select their characters for completing the task. Michael is a character in this game who is a team leader and has committed many crimes like murder, robbery, etc. Michael left his criminal activities and now lives with his family with a new identity in Log Santos. He is also known as Mr. Mikey. This review will tell you about all the information related to this character.

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