Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod APK for Android & iOS

Talking about the Rockstar games for mobile play, one of the most common and popular games that comes to mind is GTA3, with high-quality graphics, thrilling experience, and smooth experience. Now, it is available for all devices, including Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation, with no special requirements. The main character, figures, and features offer a strong and frightening experience with complex challenges and complicated missions within the game. You can also enjoy it on Android versions, iOS, or any other devices. Don’t Forget To Download GTA 4 For Android.


Finally, to enjoy the application on Android, you need a GTA 3 Modded Apk game. Therefore, this article offers insight into the GTA 3 game, its features, plots, highlights, and variety of download options on different devices.

GTA 3 Mod Apk Overview

GTA 3 is a cult game, one of the best and famous for mobile projects with visually appealing figures, high-quality graphics, and HD quality that has recently been ported to Android. Like many other action games, this also involves small tasks with HD quality graphics, better communication, and improved connectivity. According to the main plot of the game, the character appears to be in a frightening mess with people betraying him and many enemies with full adventurous tasks and complicated missions from the criminal world. This is one of the most likable games for mobile play if you are considering an option for better graphics yet cannot be compared with Vice City or San Andreas.

GTA 3 Mod Apk Features

There are a lot of interesting features in the latest version of the GTA 3 game, out of which some are mentioned below:

  • It offers an anti-ban system that makes it 100% safe and secure.
  • The GTA 3 Mod Apk latest version is currently working for all Android devices.
  • It is an easy-to-use and convenient game to play on mobile.
  • For this particular game, you do not have to root your Android device at all.

Highlights of the GTA 3

This game offers visually appealing design and graphics that help the users throughout with custom controls and better connectivity. Following are some of the highlights of this game;

  • It offers improved gameplay for screen gadgets.
  • It comes with visually appealing figures, characters, and other models to add better value to it.
  • It offers an HD quality experience and ensures versatility with a variety of custom control options.
  • It offers an integrated Vibration Feedback with better immersion and provides an ongoing engagement with improved interaction and communication between the players.
  • This game is famous for its connectivity and has the ability to support all the USB controllers.
  • You are also given the option of introducing amendments in the new video show settings.

Requirements to Play the GTA 3

Although there are no special requirements to play the GTA 3 Apk Mod on Android, you need some things to run the product on your smartphone. Another factor that must be considered with this game is its ultra quality HD graphics that demand a decent performing device for its application. Hence, here are some basic requirements you must ensure before downloading the game on your phone:

  • A smart Android device that is running on Version 4.0 or above.
  • A GTA 3 Apk file
  • A GTA 3 OBB data file to run the application of the game
  • Your device must not be low-performing and should have at least 2 GB RAM storage for the application.

Finally, these are some of the minimum requirements for the GTA 3 Mod Apk file for Android to download.


How to Download GTA 3 MOD APK on Android

Installing the GTA 3 MOD Apk is very convenient and easy and involves only some steps. Here is the process that you can follow to download GTA 3 Android Apk:

  • First of all, you can use any credible or reliable source within your reach and can press the download button from that respective website.
  • After you have done searching for a quality website, you can wait for the file to be downloaded, and then after some time, you can open it.
  • Before opening the GTA 3 Mod file, it is required to have an OBB file that can support your gameplay. Hence, you can download an OBB file from the phone and can exact the location in your game folder.
  • After you have got your hands on GTA 3 for Android + OBB file, you can proceed. Now, install the Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod Apk file on your Android device and follow the instructions that are given within the game.

After following all these steps, you can start the game and enjoy a pleasant experience.

How to Install GTA 3 Mod Apk for iOS and iPhones?

Downloading the GTA 3 for iOS is relatively convenient and can be done through any modification from the web because of the new PC edition. Following are some steps you can follow to download the Mod Apk for iOS and iPhone:

  • First of all, you should look for a mod which you can find on many websites online. This can be done through any web because of the basic game features and its latest version. However, we recommend you go for GameFront or Planet Grand Theft Auto for download purposes if you are looking for credibility and ease.
  • After this step, plug into your device and choose any of the iOS devices with an already installed GTA app on it. Now, before opening the folders, you can copy them and save them on the hard drive as a backup just to be sure of safety and security. Now, you can delete the original files and can start off with the editing.
  • Once you are done, you can download an IMG Tool app that works fine on Mac and Windows alike for the application to run smoothly. Now, open and load the file you downloaded and copied on your iOS device and wait for some time for it to make up to Liberty City. Later, you can find a car to edit and can delete any extra file.
  • Now, this is the significant step where you have to plug your device back in and can open the iExplorer and navigate back to the selected folder that was saved in Step 2. Now, you can drag these new files to this folder; however, this can take a few minutes to do its work, and after this, you are done. Now, unplug your device and quit the iExplorer.

Now, this is the final step, and load up the app, and if everything happened in the right order, you are good to go. Thereby, your Apk version is installed without any crashes or lack of performance. Finally, enjoy the process.



How to Download the GTA 3 Mod Apk on Android?

This GTA is easy and convenient to install on Android. For this purpose, you need an Apk and OBB file. You can look for a credible source from where you can download the files and then start it. After downloading the file, you can follow the instructions in the game and can enjoy the fun experience on your Android devices.

What are the features of this GTA 3 game on Android?

There are unlimited features included in the GTA 3 game for Android without any lack of performance or crashes. With the latest version, you are getting an anti-ban system and unlimited money that makes it safe and efficient. Also, it is highly convenient to download and can be easily played without rooting your Android device.

What are the requirements of a GTA 3 Mod Apk on Android?

Although there are no special demands for the game to be downloaded, there are some requirements you must consider. For this purpose, you should look for a decently performing Android device and at least 2GB of RAM storage for smooth running. Additionally, you should have an Apk file and an OBB file for the application to run on your phone.

Final Thoughts


Wrapping up, this is a detailed description of how to download the GTA 3 Mod Apk on Android and iOS alike. This is one of the best-known mobile play games with defining features, high-end display with HD graphics, and visually appealing characters that make it likable among the users. Also, it is now available on your Android devices without any excessive storage or a high-end phone. Now, finally, you can download the latest version of games on any available device and can enjoy a fun and thrilling experience.

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