GTA 5| Grotti Turismo R – (Vehicle STATS)

Considering one of the best cars with attractive and modern design for purchase in GTA Online? You are on the right page. Grotti is one of the well-known manufacturers of car models in the gaming industry. One of the significant and widespread releases of this company is Turismo R. It is among the vehicles that gamers can access from the Super Car class in Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA V, and GTA San Andreas.

The owners added this vehicle in update 1.1. Since its release on 4th March 2014, game enthusiasts have loved it due to its several features and smooth mobility. I have provided the details of this car in every aspect to help you decide if you will hand over a handsome amount to the seller.

Grotti Turismo R

Grotti Turismo R Overview

Turismo R

Turismo R is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It is a two-seater version and weighs 1,350 kg. The garage is its storage location. In addition, it is more lightweight than other cars in the same class. It includes a total of six forward and reverse gears for better control while driving.

It features rear-wheel drive, which means the engine’s power gets delivered to the rear wheels to allow forward movement in a car. Due to this reason, the car tends to give high performance. However, it does not function better than front-wheel or all-wheel drive offside or during bad weather.

In terms of braking, Turismo R functions moderately and offers lesser force than GTA IV (approximately 28 percent lesser). The shock absorbance capacity of this model is incredible and contributes to the safe ride. In addition, the overall handling is excellent and leads to better control.

Grotti Turismo R Vehicle INFO

Vehicle ClassSuper
Available FromLegendary Motorsport
Story Mode Price $500,000
GTA Online Price$500,000
Storage LocationGarage (Personal Vehicle)
ModificationsLos Santos Customs
SellCan be Sold only if purchased (High-end)
Sell Price – Resale$300,000
Top Speed (Game Files)96.31 mph (155.00 km/h)
Top Speed In-game (Broughty)121.75 mph (195.94 km/h)
Based on Real LifeLA Ferrari, McLaren P1, GTA Spano
SeatsMass / WeightDrive TrainGears
21,350 KGRWD6

Grotti Turismo R Best Customization

For transformation, the interested pro gamers can contact Los Santos Customs. For delivery, the person will communicate the location with the dealer. This workshop is an authentic dealer for different car models in GTA. The modifications include various colors for the car body, changes in the exhaust, and many more.

Locations to Find Grotti Turismo R

There are multiple map areas to search for Turismo R in GTA Online, Story mode in GTA V, and Criminal Starter Pack. These include Portola Drive, Gentry Manor Hotel, Red and White Garage in Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos Customs, Richman Hotel, traffic (rare possibility), and streets.

Ways to Get Grotti Turismo R in GTA Online

There are three different methods to add this car to your game. They are as follows:

  • For 500,000 dollars from Legendary Motorsport.
  • A customized vehicle from Las Santos Customs.
  • Free for those who have bought Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Grotti Turismo R in Real Life

The model’s design is three sports cars: McLaren P1, LaFerrari, and GTA Spano. The construction includes several sharp edges that give the car an aggressive appeal. The curved front has a mesh that connects carbon fibers at the bottom area. The overall design facilitates fast movement, and it feels like flying when the gamer drives it.

Grotti Turismo R Highest Speed

Broughy1322, an expert in gaming cars, has achieved the highest speed limit of Turismo R in GTA V. It is 121.75 miles per hour or 195.94 km per hour. It is incredibly higher in performance than the speed written in files, that is, 96.31 miles per hour.

Option of Selling Grotti Turismo R in GTA Online

Those who own the vehicle can resale it if they desire to for any reason. Los Santos Customs buys Turismo R at 300,000 dollars. This price comprises 60 percent of the original price and 60 percent of the value of modifications. However, Las Santos only accepts the purchase if the person has an authentic model.

Screen Shot’s

Turismo R
Turismo R
grotti turismo r
grotti turismo r


Where is the Grotti Turismo R in GTA 5 story mode?

One can find and get Turismo R in GTA 5 from different spawn areas. These include streets, traffic areas, Portola Drive, Gentry Manor Hotel, Red and White Garage in Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos Customs (seller), and Richman Hotel.

How do you get the Grotti Turismo R in GTA Online?

One can purchase Grotti Turismo R from Legendary Motorsport at 500,000 dollars Legendary Motorsport. It is entirely free for those who have already bought Criminal Enterprise Starter Package.


Due to an excellent design with better aerodynamics, Turismo R by Guritto supports fast and aggressive rides with exceptional control.  It also has good traction among other models in the SuperCar category. I will highly recommend it to the GTA players to try it.

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