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Franklin Clinton is a character in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin manages the protagonist’s time and day-to-day life while also ensuring he doesn’t get into too much trouble. Franklin was born in South Central Los Santos, raised by his mother Denise Clinton, after Franklin’s father abandoned them when Franklin was just an infant.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton

In Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin Clinton is one of three playable protagonists.

Franklin is a young gang member who dreams of becoming big-time in Los Santos, where the glory days of street gangs have long passed. He works as a repo man for a car dealership, but his ambition makes him tired of his job. He soon crosses paths with Michael De Santa and takes Franklin under his wing. Franklin has some physical prowess that both Michael and Trevor lack, which helps them accomplish challenging tasks they cannot do on their own.

Franklin is a skilled driver who has always been known for his sharp reflexes and ability to navigate traffic quickly. His Special Ability allows him to slow down time while driving any road-based vehicle, letting him take corners at high speeds .

Franklin Clinton: Character Info

RoleMain Protagonist, Playable Character
Born in Year1988 (25 years old in 2013)
NationalityUnited States
OccupationArmed robbery, Drug dealing (formerly), Vehicle repossession (formerly)
LocationForum Drive, Strawberry (formerly) 3671 Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills
FamilyDenise Clinton – Maternal Aunt
Tanisha Jackson – Ex-girlfriend
Chop – Pet
Home / Residence3671 Whispymound Drive (franklin house)
Clinton Residence
AffiliationLamar Davis
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
PlayabilityStory Mode, Director Mode
VehicleBuffalo s, Bager
Game EditionGTA V Story Mode
Performer / ActorsShawn Fonteno


Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton

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