The 7 Fastest Motorcycles in GTA V- (Ultimate Guide)

In GTA V, there are seven fastest motorcycles, and each has unique characteristics. I’ll give you all the information about how to get your hands on them! Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Fastest Motorcycles in GTA V

7 Fastest Motorcycles

1. Western Deathbike: Fastest Motorcycle in GTA 5

western deathbike gta 5

The Western Deathbike is the fastest motorcycle in GTA 5 and was first introduced in The 1.46 Arean War update, which you can buy for $1,269,000 from
If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead,” this cool bike’s design is based on Daryl Dixon’s signature ride!

Top Speed: 150 mph

Price: $1,269,000

Where to buy it?


2. Pegassi Oppressor

Pegassi Oppressor

The Pegassi Oppressor is a weaponized motorcycle in GTA 5 Online. Rockstar introduced the vehicle to the game with update v1.40, released in January 2017. It has an incredible speed of 140mph, and it’s one of the most expensive motorcycles of all other available options costing players $3,524,500 upon purchase!

Top Speed: 140 mph

Price: $3,524,500

Where to buy it? Warstock Cache & Carry


3. Nagasaki BF400

Nagasaki BF400

If you’re looking for the fastest motorcycles in GTA 5 that are cheap, Nagasaki BF400 should be on your priority list. With a top speed of 137 mph and costing only $95,000 when added to GTA Online as part of the 1.35 Cunning Stunts update in 2016, this is one fast bike! You can also customize it at Los Santos Customs if money is left after purchasing it.

Top Speed: 137 mph

Price: $95,000

Where to buy it? Southern S.A. Super Autos

4. Pegassi Bati 801

Pegassi Bati 801

GTA 5 Online offers you a lot of motorcycles with different specifications and prices. One such motorcycle is Bati 801, which costs just $15,000 but has an incredible speed limit of 135 mph. The real-life version modeled after this in the game is Ducati 848, so it looks amazing as well! You should definitely try out these bikes. In short, this bike should be one that you hold in your garage.


Top Speed: 135 mph

Price: $15,000

Where to buy it? Southern S.A. Super Autos

5. Shitzu Hakuchou

Shitzu Hakuchou

The Shitzu Hakuchou is one of the fastest motorcycles in GTA 5 Online. Introduced on 1.17 Last Team Standing Update, it has a top speed of 134 mph and costs $82,000, making it cheaper than other fancy bikes out there! If you are looking to build your collection with fast vehicles, make sure this gem finds its way onto your list as well! If you’re a new GTA Online player who wants to make a collection of the fastest vehicles, Shitzu Hakuchou should grab your interest.

Top Speed: 134 mph

Price: $82,000

Where to buy it? Southern S.A. Super Autos

6. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

If you want the best GTA Online motorcycle ever, I would recommend Pegassi Oppressor MK II. This is a modified version of a bike named “Pegasi’s Oppressor,” which now possesses the ability to hover and fly at top speeds reaching 127.75 mph! However, it has an incredibly high cost of $3,890,250, so only rich people need to apply to own this fantastic vehicle.


Top Speed: 127.75 mph

Price: $3,890,250

Where to buy it? Warstock Cache & Carry

7. Pegassi Ruffian

Pegassi Ruffian

The Pegassi Ruffian is a motorcycle in GTA 5 Online that has excellent performance for its price. It’s one of the best bikes to own because it only costs $10,000, and you can steal it from gangs if necessary!
Here we are again, with another Pegassi vehicle on our list. This time it’s the super fast and cheap Ruffian motorcycle! It’s one of the best bikes to own because it only costs $10,000. If you don’t want to pay for this motorcycle, there is even easier. You can steal it from gangs if necessary!

Top Speed: 127.00 mph

Price: $10,000

Where to buy it? Southern S.A. Super Autos


Wrapping Up

The motorcycle enthusiast in you will be happy to know that this article has listed the seven best and fastest motorcycles available for your use. Besides unique looks, these vehicles triumph in terms of performance as well. So make sure to include all these bikes in your garage! Have you had any experience with one of the earlier mentioned bikes? Let us know on our Facebook page what bike is your favorite by commenting below or tagging a friend who might need some help making their decision about which vehicle to purchase next.

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