GTA 5: Overflod Entity XF – Vehicle Stats

Are you looking for a car in the Superclass category of GTA for incredibly fast motor rides? You are about to read regarding one of the excellent cars that Overflod has ever designed. Pro gamers into Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online should get ready to experience the enjoyment of driving Overflod Entity XF that roars as it covers the distance.


This vehicle is available on multiple platforms, including personal computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. How convenient is that! It was released on 17 September 2013 with an update 1.01 Game Launch. Let us dive into the details of this car, along with its customization and purchase.

Entity XF

Entity XF

Entity XF Overview

Entity XF

Entity XF is a two-seater Supercar, one for driver and the other for passenger) that owners have added in GTA Online and GTA V. It has a moderate weight of 1,500 kg. The drivers can have greater control over their vehicle with the all-drive wheel feature, perfect for high speed on roads. A total of six gears also facilitates better handling.


In terms of its performance, the car model offers excellent speed and acceleration, both of which are above 80 percent. Moreover, the overall handling is also exceptionally high and above 80 percent. This advantage minimizes the risk of substantial impacts.

On the contrary, the braking force is normal in general and less than 40 percent. This aspect makes its traction lesser than other vehicles in the same class. Still, it is sufficient for completing the tasks of the missions smoothly without significant hits.

Entity XF Vehicle Info

Vehicle ClassSuper
Available FromLegendary Motorsport
Available After Mission (Story Mode) I Fought the Law…
Story Mode Price $795,000
GTA Online Price $795,000
Storage LocationGarage (Personal Vehicle)
ModificationsLos Santos Customs
SellCan be Sold only if purchased (High-end)
Sell Price – Resale$477,000
Top Speed Game Files96.31 mph (155.00 km/h)
Top Speed In-game (Broughty)121.50 mph (195.53 km/h)
Based on Real LifeKoenigsegg CC8S, Agera & Lamborghini Aventador
SeatsMass / WeightDrive TrainGears

Ways to Get Entity XF Custom

Those players who want to customize their Entity XF in GTA V and GTA Online can search for Los Santos Customs. It is a workshop that provides the best customization for Entity XF and has upgraded designs for several vehicles in this game. Some of the transformations include changes in lights, horns, and colors for the metallic body. After payment and modifications, the service providers contact the gamers to communicate their location.

Getting Entity XF in GTA Online

Overflod Entity XF comes with a price of 795,000 dollars. The seller is Legendary Motorsport, which is the only authentic dealer for this vehicle’s purchase. After the purchase, one can place it in the Garage, mainly available for the Personal Vehicle.


Real Life Entity XF

Overlord has based the design of Entity XF on Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg CC8S, Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche Carrera GT. The manufacturer has styled the front part, greenhouse, and sides of this hypercar similar to Koenigsegg’s.

The tail lamps look like Agera’s, while the inner lamps resemble the Lamborghini model. Finally, for the rear area, the designer has taken inspiration from Porsche Carrera GT. All these inferences from real-life sports cars result in the stylish and futuristic appearance of Entity XF.

The front has elevation on the sides of the central part. The base includes a CFRP splitter and three ducts. The vehicle’s bonnet comprises two impressions: one that creates a central portion, and the other is the contoured impression which continues to the bottom area. These features contribute to the bold and stylish look of Entity XF.

Entity XF Top Speed

The in-game documented speed that users can achieve with this car is 96.31 miles per hour or 155 km per hour. However, Broughy1322 has observed a speed much higher than this, that is, 121.50 miles per hour or 195.53 km per hour.

Since it has the ability to reach 121.50 miles per hour, it ranks 10th in speed in GTA 5 Story Mode. The players will feel this feature while driving, and it might look like the car is flying.

Selling Entity XF in GTA Online

Gamers can also sell Overflod Entity XF if they have developed an interest in buying another car or upgrades. Los Santos Customs deal in this case and will purchase this vehicle at the cost of 477,000 dollars. It comprises 60 percent of the sale price and 60 percent of the worth of your modifications.



What car is the Entity XF in real life?

The design of Entity XF is similar to that of Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg CC8S, Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche Carrera GT. It leads to the modern and cool appeal of this car.

Where to find the Entity XF in GTA 5?

There are three different ways to find Entity XF in GTA V. These are:

  • Purchasing it from Legendary Motorsport for the price of 795,000 dollars
  • Unlocking the car in the mission “, I Fought the Law”
  • Stealing it if you stumble across while playing

In GTA 5 Online, where do you find the Entity XF?

It is available at the cost of 795,000 dollars, and gamers can purchase it from Legendary Motorsport.


Entity XF by Overflod is one of the best and ideal cars in GTA. Though there are some better cars than this one in the game, I think it has many qualities at the designated price. I will highly recommend it to beginners and moderate-level players.


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Entity XF
Entity XF
Entity XF
Entity XF

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