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The Rockstar Games Social Club finally released the Dinka jester RR, a new vehicle for players to buy GTA 5. This article will compare it with other cars currently available and talk about what makes them unique!


Dinka Jester RR Overview 

Dinka jester rr

The Dinka Jester is a one-of-a-kind sports car that can be found only in GTA Online. It’s the newest addition to Rockstar Games’ online game as part of their 1st official update on July 20th, 2021!
The Jester RR is a two-door, little tuner vehicle with eight gears. It’s available on the market at $1,970,000 or 4775 dollars (Trade price). This sports vehicle has a surprising amount of value for its price and can easily be driven by anyone.

Dinka Jester RR: Vehicle Info

Vehicle ClassSports
Vehicle FeaturesTuners Vehicle
Available FromLegendary Motorsport
GTA Online Price$1,970,000
Discounted Price$1,477,500 (Trade Price)*
Storage LocationGarage (Personal Vehicle)
ModificationsLos Santos Customs, LS Car Meet Mod Shop
SellCan be sold only if purchased (High-End)
Sell Price -Resale$1,182,000
Top Speed (Game Files)94.76 mph (152.50 km/h)
Top Speed in-game (BROUGHY)125.00 mph (201.17 km/h)
Based on(Real Life)Toyota Supra
SeatsMass / WeightDrive TrainGears
21,575 KGRWD8

How to get the Dinka jester RR in gta online ?

The jester RR is available for purchase in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport. This car can be stored at your garage and customized with Los Santos Customs to give it that personalized touch!


How to unlock the Jester RR Trade Price?

Unlock a discounted price of $1,477,500(Trade Price) for the Jester RR.

Los Santos Tuners reduced Trade Prices are unlocked at random, with a unique vehicle’s Trade Price unlocked every 5 Reputation Levels.

Dinka Jester RR in real life?

The Jester RR looks like a real-life Toyota Supra.

Dinka Jester RR top speed?

The Jester RR in GTA V can reach speeds up to 190.71 km/h, as proven through accurate testing by Broughy1322.

Can You Sell Jester RR in GTA Online?

At Los Santos Customs, you may sell the Jester RR for $1,182,000 (60 percent of its original price), plus 60 percent of all your Upgrades.

Wrapping Up

The Dinka Jester is a one-of-a-kind sports car that can only be found in GTA Online. If you’re interested in purchasing this $200,000 vehicle or want to learn more about it, visit the gta fandom for all of the information.
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Dinka jester rr
Dinka jester rr
Dinka jester rr
Dinka jester rr



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