Top 10 Mods You Should Get for GTA V

If you’re a fan of GTA V, then this article is for you! It’s about the best mods that are available on GTA 5 and how they can help make your experience even better. I’ll be discussing the best graphics mods, gameplay mods, and vehicle mod options below.

Best gta 5 mods

How to install GTA 5 mods

Interested in playing some of the best GTA V mods? There are a few things you need to do first before getting started. First, make sure that your computer meets all minimum system requirements, and then follow these steps below for quick results!

Download and install Script Hook V for GTA 5

To get started, download the .zip file containing Script Hook V. Once you open it, copy both of its files to your GTA V main directory (where GTA5.exe is located). If you’re on Steam and installed in \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V, this means copying over those two files into that folder as well.

Install GTAV LUA Plugin

Some mods that are compatible with GTA V require the LUA plugin. Download and open this file, then move “LUA” into your game’s directory (as in step 1).


Install GTA 5 mods

With two easy tools, you’ll be able to download and run any GTA 5 mod. Be sure to read the instructions carefully when downloading a specific type of mod because they differ in their process for installation. Most mods will require copying them into your main “Grand Theft Auto V” folder while others may ask that you copy over an additional LUA file located within another directory like ‘addins’ or ‘scripts’.

Now prepare yourself by installing these best Mods.

Best Mod For Gta v

1. GTA V Redux

gta v redux

The best GTA 5 mod of all time is the Redux, which brings a huge graphical overhaul to make it look as good as any modern game. After seven years GTA 5 isn’t looking its best and this makes it look better than ever before so that gamers can have an immersive experience while playing through Los Santos. There are also improvements like 4K textures for more realistic graphics and new weather effects in addition to fixing up some character behavior issues with NPCs acting more believably when compared to how they handled things priorly.


2. Open All Interiors

open all interiors gta v

The world of GTA 5 is large and beautifully created, however, there are a number of buildings that you cannot enter. Luckily for players, the Open All Interiors mod changes all of this by allowing them to enter a number if previously inaccessible structures are in-game. This not only makes an already massive map even larger than it was before; it also helps make the game’s virtual environment more immersive and realistic as well!

3. Complex Control

Complex Control gta v

If you want a GTA 5 mod that adds battle royale mechanics and 100 unique character skins, then Complex Control is the one for you.

The best mods change every aspect of Grand Theft Auto V to create something new entirely; it’s ambitious projects like this that makes them so worthwhile!


4. Gang and Turf

Gang and Turf

GTA 5’s spiritual successor is San Andreas, but if you miss the fun gang warfare feature from GTA: SA then Gang and Turf mod can help!

5. Funny Vehicles Pack

Funny Vehicles Pack

With these mods installed, you can ride around in cars such as The Pool mobile. This features a tiny swimming pool, BBQ, and sunbathers! You could also drive the iconic motorhome from Breaking Bad with this mod: it’s one of many famous vehicles available to download for GTA 5 right now.


6. Gravity Gun

gravity gun gta 5

With the Gravity Gun script for GTA 5, you can pick up and throw anything in sight! Just equip it as if it were a weapon like any other. Then hold down E on your keyboard to grab an animal or vehicle then fire them off into the distance super easily.

7. NaturalVision Evolved

naturalvision evolved gta 5

The ambitious NaturalVision Evolved GTA 5 mod aims to take the graphics of Grand Theft Auto V to a whole new level. While there are plenty of great visual mods for GTA 5 out there, this one goes even further and gives us a hint at what could be in store with future games like it such as GTA 6.

8. GTA Iron Man Armour

GTA Iron Man Armour

The GTA Iron Man Armor mod lets you suit up for combat in San Andreas by allowing the user to fly and blast away enemies using rockets and repulsor blasters.


9. Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

The biggest complaint about GTA 5 is that police will swarm you over minor offenses, even if there are no witnesses. If being a criminal means brushing with the law often, then installing Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement will make it an enjoyable experience for players.

10. Vice Cry: Remastered

Vice Cry Remastered-

If you love the Grand Theft Auto series, then this mod is perfect for bringing one of your favorite games up to date with updated visuals.


Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this article helpful in deciding which mod is best for your GTA V experience. If not, please ask me any questions that might have come up throughout the read and I’ll be happy to answer them! Even if it’s just a simple question about what mods are available on the game or how they work (I can’t promise anything!), Have fun playing GTA V!

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