All You Need to Know about Benefactor Schwartzer in GTA V

The Benefactor Schwartzer is an expensive sports car seen in the game Grand Theft Auto V. If you buy this car, it will cost $80,000 – but if money isn’t an issue for you and six-figure luxury cars are your thing, then it’s worth every penny! This article summarizes everything about this vehicle, so keep reading to find more information on how incredible (and valuable) the Benefactor Schwartzer is!’

Benefactor Schwartzer

Benefactor Schwartzer

The Benefactor Schwartzer is a two-door coupe in GTA 5. It’s based on the Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG and has aggressive features that resemble those of an E-Class sedan for its rear lights, as well as similar looks to the C63 AMG coupé from behind. The car also bears some resemblance with the new CLK Class Coupe styling options low headlights alloy wheels which are very apparent due to their size if you look at them closely enough.

The front bumper of Schwartzer features a prominent central vent whose base is visible to have CFRP inserts. There are two less tall vents on either side of this vent, with the inner edges parallel to the outer edge of the central one.


Despite the Benefactor Schwartzer being a coupe, it has better performance than other cars. It is more agile and much quicker; its exhaust note sounds powerful as well. The steering might feel artificial with little to no connection to the road, but I can still drive like crazy in this car! GTA 5‘s game engine allows me to go faster on highways or race against friends for pink slips–the possibilities are endless!

GTA 5 Car: Benefactor Schwartzer Detailed Info and Location

Top Speed:315 km/h
Extra ModsBumpers, Skirts, Hood, Grille, Spoiler, Exhaust, Turbo
Copy of Real Life vehicle:Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

Benefactor Schwartzer Location:

  • Parked outside of the La Spada restaurant on Aguja Street and Goma Street in La Puerta.
  • The vehicle spawns around Vespucci Beach.
  • The Schwartzer occasionally parked around Downtown Los Santos before it turns dark.
  • This car can be bought from for $80,000.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for an expensive sports car that can be seen in the game Grand Theft Auto V, then all you have to do is buy this car. The Benefactor Schwartzer will cost $200,000 but it has many features, including bulletproof tires and armor plating, which make it worth every penny if your goal is to drive around Los Santos as fast as possible. Is this information helpful? Let us know! Leave a comment and we’ll respond soon.


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