ARK Survival Evolved Guide: The Best Tips and Tricks to Master the Game

If you’ve been making substantial progress on Ark without any guide, then your effort is worth commending. Like similar survival games, Ark Survival Evolved has lots of things to consider if you want to make the best out of the game. 

However, we don’t expect you to know all that on your own, that’s the reason for writing this article. In this article, we’ll present some easy tips that will ease your climb up Ark’s mastery ladder. Furthermore, we recommend that you buy Ark Survival Evolved Hacks to aid you in the game.

ARK Survival Evolved

The Best Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Ark Survival Evolved

1. Staying nourished matters

Almost every survival game out there requires that you eat something to keep your body nourished. If all you have is your fist and a few basic tools, then you’d better make the Dodo and other smaller animals your source of nutrients. 

They won’t have you suffering too much to get a simple meal. You can hunt the larger animals when you’ve been able to lay hold on better weapons. Meat is a great way to boost your nutrient level in Ark.

2. Retrieve the items you lost at death

Don’t think about Ark if you have issues with dying – you’ll die a lot in this game. That’s not the problem, though; the bigger worry comes when you respawn on the map without any of the items you had before being killed.

Thankfully, you don’t have to panic if you know where you were killed during your last game. You can reclaim your lost items from the spot where you were last killed. When you’re killed, you leave all the items in your possession in a bag at that spot. Go back to the spot and reclaim your items.

3. Get something to sleep on

Beds are of great importance in Ark. Your bed makes you able to move around in the game quicker. Moreover, note that if you choose to use your bed to move about in the Ark, your belongings will be left at the point where you traveled from.

In addition to this, your bed’s location will serve as your next respawn point if you get killed. This is a very handy remedy if you’re yet to have a good knowledge of the map. You don’t want to respawn on the beach and suffer the rigor of roaming around searching for the last location you were killed.

4. Get some animals as allies

If you think your tools will help you do all the work there is in the Ark, then you’ll forego lots of benefits. You can tame those wild dinos and have them do your biddings. Different dinos in the game have different skills and abilities, including fighting and farming skills.

You simply have to knock out any dino of your choice, then feed them. You must not use any sharp weapon if you’re trying to knock out a dino – you can make them bleed to death if they sustain tough injuries. Cryopods are a worthy investment as they can be used to store dinosaurs that can be quickly accessed.

5. You’ll need those Engrams

Like in every other video game, you’ll need to unlock or upgrade possessions in Ark. Engram points are similar to a real-life currency that you can use to unlock tools, gear, and other items in the game. You simply have to play the game and level up.

As your level climbs in the game, you’re able to unlock more engram points which you can use to upgrade your weapons. You can’t unlock or upgrade all your gear at the same time due to limited engrams in your possession. We recommend that you go for essential items such as the Spear, Hatchet, Campfire, and stone.


Gaining mastery of a survival game like Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t a task you can complete overnight. You just have to take small, consistent steps to get better with each round you play gradually. 

The tips and tricks we’ve listed above will guide you as you take those wobbly baby steps towards improving. Just make sure you have some engrams and a dinosaur. Also, don’t forget – you must keep your body nourished.

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